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ABOUT: My mission

My Story

When I found myself depicting the Iraq War in ceramics, I knew something wasn't right.

I had returned to study for a second time. The first time I studied Politics. This time, I was back to become an artist but I was starting to realise it would be a lonely existence.  Also rather than look inside for creative inspiration, I wanted to be out in the world connecting with people and telling stories that mattered.

From landmine detecting rats in Mozambique, to Fijian fighters for hire, to restorative justice with a rapist in Belgium, I began pitching ideas to editors. I loved creating stories with sound and images & I was making a living (!) selling my reports to the BBC, CBC and Deutsche Welle.

Today, at the International Committee of the Red Cross, my job is to craft innovative stories to show the amazing work this organisation does on the frontline in war zones & its role in protecting the laws of war - so that even in the darkest of times, there is humanity.  

It began with filming missions in Burundian prisons, gang-controlled parts of Colombia, refugee camps in Jordan, the West Bank and post-typhoon Philippines.

Today beyond managing ICRC's YouTube channel, I focus on creative ways to tell stories using 360, multi-screen projections, illustration, animation and interactive storytelling.

ABOUT: My story
ABOUT: My timeline

My Timeline

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