Interactive Storytelling

How well could you negotiate on the frontline?

Based on real stories told to me by the ICRC Frontline Negotiation team, I created a multi-strand interactive story with four different endings. I coded the html using the open source software twine and created the video content for an interactive website.  This led to a partnership with twitter and an interactive twitter thread - ICRC's most liked tweet at the time.


In 2020, it won a Webby Honoree award for best use of story on social media.

It is also used as a training experience for humanitarians.

Website version:


The twitter version:

twitter interactive.png

360° Digital / Immersive Experience:

The Ripple Effect 

I created this 360° animation and immersive projection as an advocacy piece to support the International Committee of the Red Cross' work reuniting families caught up in war zones.  We designed this immersive experience to illustrate how: when someone goes missing, the effect ripples out to partners, families, neighbours & entire communities.


As digital content, it is best viewed on a mobile phone as you follow this ripple effect by moving your device and discovering how it impacts different people.

This 360° video was originally created for a multiscreen projection for a live event to immerse the viewer in the ripple effect.

Panning the multi screen projection
Rigging the multiscreen projection

It was very complicated to time the videos to align perfectly and to create an immersive experience whilst also giving enough space for the event itself.

I needed special fabric for the projection shipped in and two days before the screens arrived, I broke my wrist (ow) so couldn't do as much of the setting up as I wanted to do. Very grateful for the helping hand to keep the show on the road!

Here you can view the social media non 360° version

Currently, the International Committee of the Red Cross is searching for over 100,000 people reported missing by their families.


​Script by Jenni Smout. 


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