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Story Rocks

Amelie's Story Rocks

My daughter and I collect rocks from the lake and I painted them with pirates, fairies, dragons and snowy mountains - even an octopus crept in!


The idea is that they are spring boards for creativity for children. They stimulate children's imagination and help them gain confidence in telling stories.


It was also an eco going-home present for my daughter's 5 year old birthday - I regretted the idea of making them double sided but once I started, it was hard to stop!

Karla's Sensory Book

I made this sensory book for my niece. I've sown her birth dates onto planets, that she can tear off & rearrange, her sister, Frida, plays peekaboo & she can put her cousin in the bath.  Then a little aspirational (she's 6 months old), she can practise counting to 5 with an abacus.

Sensory Book


Friendship Map


This friendship map was to celebrate my friend turning 40.  From Peru, to New Zealand to Morocco to France, I draw a map colouring in the places we've been to, adding photos to illustrate the adventures we've had together and adding lift up flaps with quotes from each other - well mainly her as she's better at that! 

Anchor 1

Cheer Up Sock Man

I hand-crafted this ridiculous Sock Man to cheer up a friend in need.  I'm wondering whether to make a Thank You Sock Lady or a I love You Sock Friend....

Sock man

My Paintings

My paintings

The Flying Sledge - Work In Progress

This started of as an idea for a pop up book and the joy of learning the paper mechanics.

Then I learnt about how hard it is to get published and then the idea of making an app from the story is starting to develop...

It's fun to draw my child and her group of friends having an adventure and bring some magic into their lives.

Playing with paper - hard to film with one hand and move the slider with another!

The flying sledge
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