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Speech Therapy At Home

Speech therapy for children - the sound F

I’m using techniques from Jane Bishop’s excellent book: Quick Children’s Speech Therapy At Home.  


In this second video, we are looking at the sound F at the middle and end of words. We are following the advice to first see (in a mirror) the sound and then close eyes to feel the sound.


I try to only correct the sound we are focusing on. To do this at home, either draw the words or print them from google images. I chose leaf, wolf, knife, coffee, giraffe. I tried to not confuse it by adding letters -th which is similar to /f/


For the first lesson looking at F at the beginning of words:


While I'm a Cambridge-certified English language teacher, I am not an expert in speech therapy.


My 5 year old has had speech difficulties since she was 2 and I can’t find a speech therapist where we live so I decided I need to try to help her myself.

To watch all the videos:

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